Anti-Counterfeiting Department

Within the framework of defending IP packages against infringement and unfair competition, Rapisardi Intellectual Property has devised precise action plans for its Clients. This is done through monitoring counterfeit flows, investigating them, detecting their origins and intervening to protect the Intellectual Property rights concerned by taking the most appropriate action.

In this regard action might include customs surveillance, seizures, raids, injunctions, lawsuits seeking damages and any other steps deemed necessary or desirable to ensure that the Client’s rights are adequately safeguarded. In particular, surveillance of markets and customs is done in conjunction with investigations planned for such purposes with the Client.

To carry out such activities, Rapisardi Intellectual Property relies on a team of highly qualified professionals specialised in the fight against counterfeiting around the world. Apart from having established a network of highly qualified lawyers and investigators spread around the globe, Rapisardi has gathered professionals and consultants in its own offices and who mainly come from Italy, China and Great Britain.