Our History

Rapisardi’s history dates back to 1900 when the firm started to work in the field of Intellectual Property, one of the first to do so in Italy. Since then, Rapisardi Intellectual Property has witnessed constant growth in terms of areas of expertise, staff numbers, reputation and recognition.

A century of experience, developed while balancing tradition with a forward looking approach, has equipped the Group with particular skills in analysing and understanding the evolution of legal thought in the Intellectual Property field. This now extends to domain names and the new issues that arise in the internet world. Its 100 years experience is one of the reasons why Rapisardi is today able to offer a consistently high level of skill and know-how in a wide range of industrial and tertiary sectors. This quality, combined with the special working methodology that we have used for a considerable length of time has been crucial in the management of Intellectual Property for some of the leading edge players in Italy and internationally, whose growing number is a daily testament to the effectiveness of the work that the Group does.

In recent years, with the opening of offices in Switzerland, Great Britain and San Marino, Rapisardi has sought to develop its ideas and business so as to be able to offer clients a global service and effectively represent them outside national borders with an international perspective to approaching, managing and resolving problems. 

Today Rapisardi Intellectual Property, led by attorney Mariacristina Rapisardi, is an internationally recognised reference point for advice in all areas of Intellectual Property. Significantly, the firm has for some time now been listed among the most prestigious practices by "Global Counsel 3000", an international yearbook of the most renowned law firms.

With its formidable background and outstanding expertise, Rapisardi Intellectual Property assists a large and impressive client base internationally, protecting their Intellectual Property and the fruits of their intellectual endeavours throughout their core markets.