Features: Rapisardi’s strengths

  • Teamwork: Rapisardi assures continued co-ordination among its various work groups in law, administration and research. There is perfect synergy among its human resources across all offices.

  • Efficiency and quality of service and results: Rapisardi tackles and responds to its Clients’ needs with an efficient service that offers the best solutions to their demands, requirements and problems.

  • Speed: a hallmark of the Group is the speed with which each and every matter is handled.
    Global approach: Rapisardi provides comprehensive assistance to its Clients to protect their Intellectual Property internationally.

  • Partnership with the client: Rapisardi studies the Client and its business, its core market, problems in the IP arena and other relevant factors in order to act as a partner, ready to respond to the Client’s special demands and support it in identifying the best solutions, at all times providing an efficient, rapid and high quality service.

  • Use of the most technologically advanced tools: through the use of complex and highly advanced IT systems, often integrated with clients’ own systems, Rapisardi manages and oversees Clients’ Intellectual Property assets. The data can be shared with the Client over the Internet: in a dedicated and protected area of the Group’s website, Clients can obtain an up-to-date picture of the matters being handled for them.

  • Use of highly specialist personnel in all aspects of IP: Rapisardi assists its Clients directly through its offices in Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain. A highly qualified consultancy service is also guaranteed around the world thanks to a network of correspondents selected by the Group on the basis of their know-how, skills and experience. Many have a long and profitable relationship with the Group, some of them for decades.