Law Firm

Individuals and companies require a sure, thorough and incisive means of protecting their Intellectual Property rights and hence the assets underlying their very businesses. The law firm’s job is to study the situation from all angles and establish the best strategy to adopt in order to obtain the best result.

The range of action that can be taken to have one’s rights recognised in this field is wide. The law firm carefully examines every question, and the strategy to be adopted is assessed in the light of all available/obtainable information as well as the firm’s experience, skill and resources.

The law firm can offer a complete service since it represents Clients not just in the civil field. In fact, a distinguishing feature of Rapisardi is that it can assist Clients in criminal matters thanks to a team of criminal lawyers specialised in defending Intellectual Property rights against infringement and unfair competition.

Some examples of activities that the law firm engages in to protect Clients’ Intellectual Property rights:

  • Legal advice and technical assistance
  • Out-of-court legal (civil and criminal) support
  • Litigation and criminal proceeding
  • ADR and Arbitration
  • WIPO panelist for domain names arbitration
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • IP due diligence

All of the activities can be handled internationally.