Our approach: understanding our clients, and integrating specialist skills

Thanks to a very special and distinct approach, Rapisardi offers its clients a thorough service covering all areas of Intellectual Property, which allows it to provide effective analysis and protection.

The skills and knowledge of Rapisardi’s personnel integrate perfectly with the Group’s working methods, and enable a close working relationship to be established with the Client.
In this way we manage Intellectual Property issues through:

- analysis
- research
- support and advice in the registration and protection of trade marks, patents, models, designs, domain names, copyright and confidential information
-legal advice

In all of these activities, the Client is care for with a customised approach and through the direct relationship with a Client Manager, specifically chosen and supported by several professionals, always available for any requests or advice.

Rapisardi studies the Client and its business, its core market, problems in the IP arena and other relevant factors in order to act as a partner, ready to respond to the Client’s special demands and support it in identifying the best solutions, at all times providing an efficient, rapid and high quality service.

Rapisardi also organises seminars, courses, briefings and continuing education for Clients and other entities that wish to receive detailed and updated information on new developments in Intellectual Property.