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Rapisardi Intellectual Property is highly specialised in protecting Intellectual Property: trade marks, patents, designs , domain names, copyright, know-how and confidential information.

Today Rapisardi Intellectual Property is recognised internationally as a reference point in all fields and activities in connection with the protection of Intellectual Property.

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The Team: Rapisardi’s true assets

The amount of knowledge accumulated over the last decades and the professional skills of the personnel that operate within the framework of the Group are Rapisardi’s most important assets: the team. 

Today Rapisardi counts more than 60 carefully chosen professionals who have grown along with the Group and within which they operate in perfect harmony.

A highly qualified team of professionals – including engineers, technical experts and lawyers – who work together effectively to assist clients in all matters concerning IP protection. The presence within Rapisardi of persons who have worked in the Group for years, many for decades, guarantees the very high level of service provided, which is also facilitated by the longstanding business relationships with faithful clients and their representatives. 

Rapisardi Intellectual Property has been led since 1972 by attorney at law Mariacristina Rapisardi who has always managed the Group as a highly specialised boutique with an international ethos.

Recruiting Area

The Group is constantly looking for talented young people, interested in the field of Intellectual Property, eager to work in an international environment and strongly oriented to reach the highest standards in terms of quality, professionalism and specialization.
We require:
  • University degree (preferably in technical-scientific subjects or law);
  • Perfect knowledge of English – written and spoken;
  • Interest in working in an international environment, flexibility, ability to learn and work as part of a team.
Knowledge of a second language (especially French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese) and previous working experience in the field are appreciated.
Please, send your CV at, authorizing us to process your personal data in accordance with the Law.

Areas of Expertise

Intellectual Property is a complex field which requires a multifaceted approach. For this reason the proper understanding of a Client’s needs will often call for a wide range of complementary professional skills.

Rapisardi Intellectual Property’s strength lies in its capacity to provide tailormade assistance to its clients for every single aspect of each case, utilising the abilities of a range of professionals to provide a seamless service.

Through Rapisardi’s areas of expertise the Group co-ordinates and offers its services to help Clients protect their Intellectual Property rights.

Patents-Trade Marks-Models

With its services and advice relating to the filing and management of Intellectual Property assets, Rapisardi can respond with the right solutions and advise on the best course of action to properly protect the Intellectual Property rights of its Clients.

Law Firm

Individuals and companies require a sure, thorough and incisive means of protecting their Intellectual Property rights and hence the assets underlying their very businesses. The law firm’s job is to study the situation from all angles and establish the best strategy to adopt in order to obtain the best result.


The Research, Surveillance and Investigations Office serves to protect Rapisardi’s Clients by providing them with the information and data necessary for the management and protection of their IP assets.


Within the framework of defending IP packages against infringement and unfair competition, Rapisardi Intellectual Property has devised precise action plans for its Clients. This is done through monitoring counterfeit flows, investigating them, detecting their origins and intervening to protect the Intellectual Property rights concerned by taking the most appropriate action.

Rapisardi Events

Rapisardi Intellectual Property organizes and attends with its own speakers many conferences on the protection of Intellectual Property.
Furthermore, Rapisardi constantly takes part in several national and international conventions, promoted by the most important associations of the IP world.

Other Events

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In order to offer a constant update in Intellectual Property, our professionals provide weekly publication of News and work together to create our quarterly newsletter Rapisardi IP News.

IP News

Rapisardi Intellectual Property is pleased to present Rapisardi IP News, the Group’s quarterly newsletter containing information, updates and in-depth articles on Intellectual Property around the world.

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